Colderba means in Italian, hill of grass, so our house is the Borgo (Burg or cluster of houses) on the hill of Grass. Which reasonably precisely defines our houses. Colderba is on a small hill right in front of Assisi and the houses first originated as a base from which to protect Assisi from outside attacks. The Torre or Tower is from the year 1000 AD and originated as a watch tower for the people of Assisi to warn of possible invasions from across the valley, usually Perugia. A similar tower can be seen on the road to Bettona, used for the same reason.

After in the year 1300 the main house was built to house the garrison and to be used as asmall fort along the antique road leading to Assisi. The special loop-holes are easily visibile in the tower section of the manin house where arrows and later rifles were shot from. The walls at the base of his tower section of the main house are over a metre thick.

The other two buildings , La Capanna …the woodshed…. And La Porcilaia …the stable/pigsty were added at a later date to house the animals and the wood.

La Porcilaia

  • 2 bedrooms, with 2 double beds (4 people) + 1 bathroom
  • The largest of the three houses for rent has a big central sittingroom, and dining area and cooking area. The two bedrooms give onto this large central area, and the bathroom is large and comfortable.
  • Television , linen, dishes provided (heating- paid on request).

La Torre

  • One double bed + bathroom
  • The tower is composed of 2 floors.  On the ground floor there is a spacious sittingroom, dining area and kitchen, an outside spiral staircase leads to the first floor with a spacious bedroom with a high ceiling and an adjacent bathroom.  The tower has a spectacular view of Assisi and is the oldest of the buildings dating to 1100.
  • Television, linen, dishes provided (heating – paid on request)